Our mission and business idea is to function as an East-Finnish node for international and national project collaboration within the areas of telematics, enterprise development, on-line learning, flexible working and virtual organisation and community building. We have also the ambition to support professional networks, groups and project partners with a conference and collaboration work site which provides them with telematic and on-line communication facilities in a unique environment close to nature and in a beautiful lake archipelago.
Noema is through its community developer role actively involved in promotion of regional development initiatives both within Finland as well as elsewhere internationally. Examples of such initiatives are the virtual community initiatives of 'islanders', community of development professionals, learning service developments like Innoventure networks, EUlearn and EUculture networks as well as the more recent support services to 'learning region' initiatives such as the Saima Learning Region.

Our experience

- A recognised meeting place among EU actors involved in project creation and project collaboration. A range of project meetings and project creation conferences have already been implemented over the last years with very productive outcomes, e.g. by formation of many international project initiatives.
- Experiences from participation in many development projects, education and training projects as well as international and European structural change projects.
- Successful arrangement of project meetings, seminars, workshops for our European collaboration partners. A number of courses/workshops have also been implemented during the last couple of years among other for EU programmes and for international clients.
- Initiating and co-ordinating the creation of different international projects within the areas of telecommunication development, application of IT and on-line learning/teaching, SME and enterprise development, virtual organisation and community building, ecommerce and flexible work.

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